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Adsorption resin

  • WDX-5 Macroporous Absorption Resin

WDX-5 Macroporous Absorption Resin

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  • Appearance:Milky transparent spherical particle
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This product is a type of macroporous absorption resin made by filling appropriate pore forming agent in St-DVB and then forming macroporous and mesh high molecular polymer through high temperature polymerization and finally by adopting special method for treatment after pore forming agent being extracted, which possesses broad adsorption and abruption effect as it is provided with macroporous and mesh structure and special pore size distribution.

This product is mainly applicable for extracting of RA stevioside and ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine. It is rather steady in normal usage and storage conditions, insoluble in water, common acid, alkali and conventional organic solvent.

This product possesses the following advantages: large specific surface area, weak polarity; good mechanical strength, long service life; regular and reasonable pore size distribution; strong resistance to organic pollutants; good performance in regeneration, high regeneration rate.

Product Specifications

1. Appearance: Milky transparent spherical particle

2. Main Performance Indexes:





Wet Real Density(g/mL)


Wet Superficial Density(g/mL)


Granularity Range(0.315-1.00mm)(%)

≥95(adjustable upon client's request)

Specific Surface Area(m2/g)


Average Pore Size(?)


Pore Volume(mL/g)




Reference Indexes for Operation

1. pH Range:                                              4-10

2. Max. Operating Temperature:                   120°C

3. Concentration of Regenerated Liquid:        HCl: 3-5%; NaOH: 4-6%

4. Dose of Regenerated Liquid:                     HCl (3-5%) Volume: Resin Volume =2-3:1

NaOH (4-6%) Volume: Resin Volume = 2-3:1

5. Flow Rate of Regenerated Liquid:              4-6m/h

6. Running Flow Rate:                                 5-15m/h


This product is mainly applicable for the extraction of stevioside and alkaloid, extraction and separation of organic substances, as well as adsorption of cephalothin, ivermectin and clindamycin phosphate.