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Special type resin

  • WDA918 Macroporous Weak Alkaline Acrylic Acid Series Anion Exchange Resin

WDA918 Macroporous Weak Alkaline Acrylic Acid Series Anion Exchange Resin

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  • Appearance:Faint yellow to yellow nontransparent spherical particle
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This product is a type of weak alkaline anion exchange resin with polyamine groups which is achieved by aminolysis of acrylic acid serial copolymer crosslinking high polymer with macroporous structure. It has properties like large exchange capacity, fast exchange speed, good separating effect, easy to elution, low consumption of regenerated water, small volume change, strong pollution resistibility, and good chemical stability.

This product is equivalent to Purolite A830, A-561, and XA-3414 of foreign products.

Product Specifications

1. Appearance: Faint yellow to yellow nontransparent spherical particle.

2. Ex works Type: Free amine type.         3. Main Performance Indexes:

Reference Indexes for Operation

1. pH Range:                                        1-10

2. Max. Operating Temperature:             Oxy Hydrogen Type 130, Chlorine Type 80

3. Transformation Expansion Ratio%:      (OH-Cl-) 12

4. Height of Industrial Resin Bed:           1-3m

5. Concentration of Regenerated Liquid: HCl 2-4%; NaOH 2-4%

6. Dose of Regenerated Liquid:               HCl (2-4%) Volume :  Resin Volume =3-4:1

                                                            NaOH (2-4%) Volume : Resin Volume =3-4:1

7. Flow Rate of Regenerated Liquid:       4-6 m/h

8. Regenerated Liquid Contact Duration: Approx. 30 Min.

9. Flow Rate of Conventional Well-flushing:   15-25 m/h

10. Duration of Conventional Well-flushing:    Approx. 60-120Min.

11. Running Flow Rate:                        15-25 m/h



This product is mainly applicable for the refining of citric acid and lactic acid. It's extensively applicable for the separation and purification of rare metal such as tungsten and molybdenum in hydrometallurgy. This product is also applicable for water treatment, as well as the removal of sulfate and nitrate from seawater.