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Special type resin

  • WA-2 Amino Acid Special Resin

WA-2 Amino Acid Special Resin

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  • Appearance:Fawn to chocolate brown spherical particle
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This product is a new type of special resin applied for amino acid extraction which is developed by the new technology of secondary polymerization of once generation for pore. Due to its rational framework, homogeneous aperture and distribution as well as special microporous structure, this product has large exchange capacity, good penetration resistance and strong mechanical strength. It has the prosperities like large absorptive capacity of amino acid (resin of 140kg/m3 for the normal type and larger capacity for improved type), quick absorption and elution, strong stain resistance, long service life and others.

Identified by the specialists of USTC, this product, the quality of which reaches the advanced standard among like products around the world, has filled the blank area in national market by replacing the imported one.

Product Specifications

1. Appearance: Fawn to chocolate brown spherical particle.

2. Ex works Type: Sodium Type.

3. Main Performance Indexes:

Reference Indexes for Operation

1. pH Range:                               1-14

2. Max. Operating Temperature:    120

3. Height of Industrial Resin Bed:  1.0m

4. Concentration of Eluent:            5-7%

5. Dose of Eluent:                         1.5-2BV



This product is mainly applicable for the extraction of different kinds of amino acid including lysine,glutamic acid,and glutamine.