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Strong base anion

  • D213 Macroporous Strong Alkaline Crylic Acid Series Anion Exchange Resin

D213 Macroporous Strong Alkaline Crylic Acid Series Anion Exchange Resin

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  • Appearance:Milky nontransparent spherical particle
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This product is a type of macroporous strong alkaline anion exchange resin which contains the crosslinking crylic acid framework with quaternary amino group [-N (CH3)3OH]. As processing the properties like high exchange capacity, excellent stain resistance, strong intensity and others, it can be mainly applicable for pure water preparation from water source with high organic matter content.

Product Specifications

1. Appearance: Milky nontransparent spherical particle

2. Ex works Type: Chlorine Type

3. Main Performance Indexes:

Reference Indexes for Operation

1. pH Range:                                                1-14

2. Max. Operating Temperature:                    Oxy Tydrogen Type 60

3. Height of Industrial Resin Bed:                   1-3m

4. Concentration of Regenerated Liquid:         NaOH: 2-4%; HCl: 2-4%

5. Dose of Regenerated Liquid:                       HCl (2-4%) Volume : Resin Volume =2-3:1                

                                                                    NaOH (2-4%) Volume : Resin Volume =2-3:1

6. Flow Rate of Regenerated Liquid:               4-6 m/h

7. Regenerated Liquid Contact Duration:         40-60 Min.

8. Flow Rate of Conventional Well-flushing:  15-25 m/h

9. Duration of Conventional Well-flushing:     Approx. 30 Min.

10 Running Flow Rate:                                 10-20 m/h



This product is mainly applicable for pure water preparation, ultrapure water preparation, effluent disposal and the extraction of organic substances. It's also extensively used as organic substance remover and adsorption resin for decolorization.