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Weak acid cation

  • D113 Macroporous Acrylic Acid Series Weak Acid Cation Exchange Resin

D113 Macroporous Acrylic Acid Series Weak Acid Cation Exchange Resin

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This product is adopt quadratic got together, until cation exchange resin where the polymer matrix of macroporous acrylic acid copolymer crosslinking structure has a carboxylic group(-COOH). It possesses large exchange capacity, slight volumetric change, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability, pollution resistibility, favorable inoxidizability and fast exchange speed.

This product is equivalent to Lewatic CN-80 in Germany and Amberlite IRC-93 in the US.

Product Specifications

1. Appearance: Milky nontransparent spherical particle

2. Ex works Type: Hydrogen Type

3. Main Performance Indexes: (According to HG2164-91 DL/T519-2004 SH2605.05-2003 Standards)

Reference Indexes for Operation

1. pH Range:                                    4-14

2. Max. Operating Temperature:         Hydrogen 100

3. Transformation Expansion Ratio:    (H+Na+)70

4. Height of Industrial Resin Bed:       0.8-2m

5. Concentration of Regenerated Liquid:   NaOH: 2-4%; HCl: 2-4%

6. Dose of Regenerated Liquid:          NaOH (2-4%) Volume : Resin Volume = 2-3 : 1

HCl (2-4%) Volume : Resin Volume = 2-3 : 1

7. Flow Rate of Regenerated Liquid:  4-8 m/h

8. Regeneration Contact Duration:     Approx. 30-45 Min.

9. Flow Rate of Conventional Well-flushing:    Approx. 20 m/h

10. Duration of Conventional Well-flushing:     Approx. 20-30 Min.

11. Running Flow Rate:                    15-40 m/h


This product is mainly applicable for the removal of alkalinity and solidness from water,especially the removal of dicarbonate,carbonate,and other alkaline salt. It’s also applicable for industry wastewater treatment,metal recovery,as well as the separation and purification of biochemical drugs.